Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi – What Is Its Significance?

Rakhi is an important festival that is celebrated all over India. This festival is celebrated to mark the love between brothers and sisters. But this is just one of the many versions of celebrating Rakhi. In many cultures like those of the Gujarati and Rajasthani, Rakhi is celebrated among all family members. It then becomes the larger manifestation of love between one and all. The trend to buy rakhi online has seen a phenomenal increase. This can be attributed to the advancements, which have been made in the field of internet and e-Commerce sites.

Pyaar 4 Bhaiya Bhabhi

Not only in India, but Rakhi is celebrated with the same passion, all over the world. There are large numbers of Indians who live in the United Kingdom. So, the popularity of this festival is prominent in that country as well. So, if you are looking forward to send a lumba rakhi for bhabhi, then you can opt for online rakhi delivery in UK, via Rakhi Bazaar.

Origin of the Lumba rakhi

Lumba rakhi with Ferrero Rocher chocolate

This is a distinct sort of rakhi, which is meant to be tied on the wrist of the sister-in-law or your brother’s wife. These rakhis are mainly observed on the hands of Rajasthani women as they wear them with the colourful bangles. This type of rakhi was first used in the land of Rajasthan and with time, it has attained popularity among people of other cultures.

Appearance of Lumba Rakhis

Lumba rakhi with Lotte Choco Pie

The Lumba Rakhis are different from the ones that you are accustomed to seeing. As these are worn by women, the rakhis are much more colourful in nature. They are not very wide but are slender in nature. Stones, beads and other stuff are used to decorate these Lumba Rakhis. When women wear them with colorful dresses, the beauty of the rakhis gets complemented. You can buy rakhi online from various e-Commerce sites, but the most recommended one is the Rakhi Bazaar.

Significances of the Lumba Rakhis

Lumba rakhi with chocolate

•    Strengthens Family Bonds

The first importance of the lumba rakhi for bhabhi is to make the family ties stronger. Joint family is still a big thing in Indian culture. There are various rules and regulations which one needs to follow in a joint family. These might seem absurd for people of the new age. On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties rakhi on the wrist of the brother and the sister-in-law to make the family ties flourish. This brings the members together.

•    Acceptance of the Bride in the Family

The second significance of these rakhis is to ensure that the family has accepted the brother’s wife as a permanent part of the family. This is also to ensure that they have a happy conjugal life.

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