Which Kids’ Rakhis Are The Best Sellers?

Kids have a special thing for any kind of occasions, festivals, and ceremonies. They enjoy their heart out and it’s a bliss to watch these little munchkins enjoy themselves with fun-filled activities. You must be having an adorable little cousin brother who lives in some other part of the country. You adore and love your little brother and hence are planning for a special Rakhi gift for your little munchkin.
Kids love funky styles, vibrant colours and easy to wear items always. Today there are varied kinds of Rakhis hat can be tied or worn like a bracelet for easy handling. Here is a list of adorable Rakhi gifts for kids available in our online site.

Cartoon Rakhis Are Popular Always
There are various kids Rakhi included in our collection. Kids have a special affiliation towards cartoons and animes each one of them has a favourite cartoon character, this Chhota Bheem Rakhi combo is one of our best sellers.
Chhota Bheem Rakhi - Chhota Bheem is one of the most loved and idolized cartoon characters among kids. This combo includes a cute Chhota Bheem Rakhi for your little bundle of joy along with two boxes of yummy kinder joy chocolates, a Cadbury celebrations box, a crispy and crunchy waffy wafer and a Chhota Bheem bowl with a spoon. The little one will be delighted on receiving the online Rakhi delivery.

Shin-Chan Rakhi - Shin-chan cartoon character has a special fan base and crazes among kids. Kids love this character. This Shinchan Rakhi is one of the best kids Rakhi. Two Dairy lickable chocolates come with this adorable Rakhi. The little munchkin is going love flaunting this on his wrist. Our assorted collection of kids Rakhis, kids Rakhi hampers come with online Rakhi delivery in Delhi option.

Doraemon Rakhi - This Doraemon cartoon Rakhi includes a bunch of pure delightful stuff. a box of mouth-watering soan cake, two boxes of kinder joy, Doraemon mug and a Doraemon bowl with a spoon. This is yet another Rakhi gift hamper which will be loved by your little brother.

Angry Birds Rakhis - Angry Birds Rakhis are also loved by kids, especially this particular attractive combo, which includes 2 Angry Birds Rakhis, two Cadbury Dairy milk lickable chocolates, a packet of the crunchy wafer, a box of motichoor laddoos, and an Angry bird mug with a spoon.

Minions Rakhis - Kids are obsessed with Minions and love all kinds of Minion stuff be it a Minion shirt or a Minion pencil box or a cute Minion Rakhi. This Minion Rakhi comes with a container of pure happiness which includes two boxes of kinder joy, one packet of choco lotte pie, two Cadbury Dairy lickable chocolates and one attractive car shaped container. This simple yet adorable hamper is sure brought loads of happiness to the little one and he is going to love every bit of it.

For your little brother, you can add a special touch with the Rakhi. Get some personalised gifts or a chocolate hamper that he would relish for sure. It is much simpler to make kids happy with simple yet adorable and cute things. Their pure and innocent heart will get very easily satisfied with the online delivery of fancy Rakhi. Bring joy to the little one with Rakhi Bazaar gift items!

Online Rakhi Shopping – 4 Ways to Avail the Benefits!

Sisters with brothers residing abroad are needed not to worry at all about conveying her emotions of love to him on Raksha Bandhan. RakhiBazaar.com, which is India’s popular and trusted online Rakhi shopping website, is enabling people to send Rakhi to UK, India, Austrailia, Canada, USA and other parts of the globe with safe and speedy delivery services.

Gone are the days when you could only miss your brother when he can’t be there for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Now the advancement in the technology has brought you the much-needed ease to convey love to dearest brother with a token of love despite being miles away from him. Yes, the talk is regarding the facility of Rakhi delivery in India and across the globe. And, in this regards, RakhiBazaar.com is one of the trusted names.

Over the years, the portal has delivered happiness among brothers and sisters of every kind with varying needs. Thus, you being a sister parted with miles of distance from your abroad residing brother can now browse the website to send Rakhi to Australia, Canada, Germany, India and around the globe. This happens with great ease for the customers as the portal boasts a very strong and wide delivery network in India and across the globe.

However, there are some major benefits to give you strong online Rakhi shopping goals this time. And, these are:

Fabulous Rakhis just a Click Away!

Yes, the online Rakhi shopping websites like ‘Rakhi Bazaar’ offers impressive selections of very fabulous, unique and trendy Rakhi varieties online. People can only buy Kundan Rakhi, Designer Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, Stone Studded Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi, Swastika Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhi and much more. Amazing Rakhi sets are also available online in varying numbers to fulfill needs of sisters blessed with many brothers.

Unique and Fabulous Rakhi Gifts in Varying Budget and Options!

Despite shopping for Rakhi and gifts separately, the online shopping stores offer you the ease to buy it online at one place. It can be Rakhi with chocolates, big and small Rakhi gift hampers, Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with dry fruits, Rakhi with a mug and plenty of other wonderful Rakhi gift choices as well.

No Waste of Time and Energy:

By enabling people to set and relax while buying Rakhi online or gifts for the festivity, the portal helps people not to waste their time and energy in traditional or conventional Raksha Bandhan shopping. In fact, within a matter of just a few clicks, one can buy and send Rakhi to Brother in India or anywhere across the globe. Online Rakhi shopping simplified the entire time taking and effort making the task of buying Rakhi from crowded and distant shopping places.

Rakhi Delivery in India and Worldwide:

Another biggest reason to buy Rakhi online is the facility to send Rakhi to India and worldwide that enables sisters to convey her emotions and feelings to dearest brother with a beautiful Rakhi and gift in India or worldwide anywhere. Thus, online gift shopping enables people to send Rakhi online and bridge the gap of distance between them.

Raksha Bandhan shopping has been made easy for the people of India with the advent of online Rakhi shopping portals. However, RakhiBzaaar.com is making it immensely simple and quick for everyone to buy Rakhi online and gifts and send it online to brother or sister residing anywhere nationwide or worldwide. Also, the portal is now catering the customers with the facility of Express Rakhi Delivery in India for making it possible for everyone to make use of the last minute in conveying love to brother or sisters on a festive day.

Types Of Chocolate Boxes You Can Gift This Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan without a sibling’s love and Rakhi celebration without chocolates are incomplete and undesirable. Chocolates are instrumental in reviving or re-establishing the sweet bond of love and affection shared between a brother and sister.

Rakhi is about the fun, joy, and excitement of expressing your love for your sibling in several possible ways. Rakhi with chocolates is one such way. Whether you share rooms in the same house or you are living on two sides of the world, gifting and sharing chocolates is the best way to delight your siblings and cousins. 

Following are few ideas for boxes of chocolates to impress your siblings:

  • Kinder Joy: For your younger siblings and cousins, nothing is more enjoyable than a small hamper of kinder joy. Gifting this hamper would bring a huge smile on his or her face. You can also arrange rakhi gift delivery in UK for cousins living abroad with the help of websites like www.rakhibazaar.com. The range of chocolates and hampers available are phenomenal. Diverse options are available for siblings of all age groups and backgrounds. 

  • Cadbury Celebrations: Cadbury Celebrations are very convenient to buy. They are suitable for all ages. They are easily available and are instrumental in impressing all kinds of siblings and cousins. The chocolates in the box are varied in taste and texture and suit all kinds of moods. If you have a busy schedule and you are planning to buy rakhi online, do not forget to add a few boxes of Cadbury Celebrations to the cart to reduce your hassles.

  • Ferrero Rocher: Raksha Bandhan often witnesses huge family gatherings. In such a case you would need a huge supply of Rakhis and sweets. The best option in such a case is ordering a jumbo package of Ferrero Rocher. The flavors are yummy and loved by all. www.rakhibazaar.com provides packages of Ferrero Rocher at affordable prices. Combining a set of 3 Rakhis or more would be great for family gatherings of the sort of Raksha Bandhan. The smaller boxes can also be sent abroad along with a Rakhi gift delivery in UK for instance. 

  • An Assorted Package from Cadbury: Several assorted packages of chocolates are available on www.rakhibazaar.com. A combination of Dairy Milks, Five Stars, Perks, and Munches are favorable for all age groups. An assorted hamper can easily win the hearts of many siblings and cousins. Order them from https://www.rakhibazaar.com/ well beforehand and inadequate numbers for all the cousins to have a great time on Rakhi.

  • Rum and Raisin Chocolates from Cadbury Temptations: The Cadbury Temptations collection is the new awesome thing in the market. It is extremely popular with the older public. For your older cousins, this is the best option for gifting purposes. If you have cousins coming in for a gathering this season, the best way to impress them is buying them gifts and chocolates that suit their ages. For the adults, the best option is the Rum and Raisin Chocolates from Cadbury Temptations. The flavors and aroma are sure to win their heart and get you some brownie points in the family leaderboard for the gift-giving habits. 

You can create various combinations from the diverse options available in the market both online and offline. When ordering rakhi online, do browse for the deals in chocolates too. 

Online Rakhi Purchase-Safety Factors You Should Check

Rakhi is a festival that is celebrated with a lot of zeal all across the globe. It observes the love shared between siblings. Exchanging of gifts and merry-making form a major part of the Rakshabandhan festival. With the advent of the gift portals, rakhi shopping (https://www.rakhibazaar.com) has become a cakewalk. Buyers can choose from a huge collection of rakhis available at the e-stores.

For the myriad benefits offered by the e-commerce stores, more and more Indian buyers are opting for the online gift portals over the brick and mortar stores. The e-commerce stores offer a sweeping collection of rakhis for all tastes and budgets. However, while shopping online for rakhi, there are certain factors customers should keep in mind such as the price, 2-factor authentication, protecting password and much more.

Safety Factors to Consider While Shopping for Rakhi Online

  • Take Into Consideration Visual Cues: It is important to consider the authentication of a site before purchasing from it. One of the visual cues’s to consider is the ‘green browser’ address bar which indicates that the ownership of the website is verified and the site is completely safe for online transactions and shopping.
  • Choose Reputed Website: It is important to check customer reviews, ratings and feedback from friends and acquaintances before choosing a website to buy from. Make sure the website you choose to buy rakhi online from has the valid mailing address and phone number.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Is a Must: Many sites nowadays are accepting a second user-authentication, which comes from the devices like USB drive, token, cell phone etc. The 2-factor authentication teams up ‘password’ and ‘username’ with OTP (one-time password) that is generated by a device you have.
  • Be Careful About Online Order Form: For Rakhi order online ensure the site you wish to buy the rakhi from should not ask for too much of personal information. It should not ask for the details of the customer’s bank account.
  • Protect Your Password: It is a big mistake to select the option, ‘remember my password’ while buying from a site. Hackers can use malware to search the PC for the stored passwords. Never use the ‘same password’ on various sites and keep changing your password every 2-3 months.
  • Price: Cost is an important factor to consider while shopping for rakhi online. Some of the e-commerce sites may charge an exorbitant price and hence customers should compare prices of rakhis from several sites before buying it. It is important to get your money’s worth and hence it is wise to buy rakhi only after thorough research.
  • Avoid Giving Out Too Much Personal Information: It is essential to check the privacy policy of a website before going for rakhi order online. It is absolutely necessary to choose a website where your personal data would be safe. Be careful to provide as little personal information as possible while filling up the online forms.
  • Check Out the Payment Gateway: Whenever you make a payment on the Internet, it is essential you print and save the receipt. The receipt should have the amount and the purchase date on it.
Rakhi Bazaar is a reputed online gift portal that offers a comprehensive collection of Rakhi gifts and rakhis such as fancy, bracelet, zardosi, Mauli, traditional, kundan, cartoon, designer Rakhi and much more. We are an authentic site and we provide a secure payment gateway by means of which customers can buy rakhi online safely.

Start Of Rakhi Gift Hampers – Why Are Hampers In Trend?

The festival of Rakhi brings out every possible emotion from the bond shared by the brothers and sisters. With all the rituals and customs and party plans, this day sums up to be the day for sheer celebration. Keeping all these things in mind, the sisters always look out to get the best Rakhi gifts for their brothers and makes sure that the gifts turn out to be just perfect.

So following the latest trend in the market, a huge number of people prefer the rakhi gift hampers to make their brothers feel special on this day. Are you asking why? Well, there are various reasons due to which these hampers are gradually getting a lot of appreciation and popularity from the masses.

Quick And Easy Procedures 

Most of the rakhi gift hampers are procured from the various online gift portals available in the market. These online sites come up with the most unique and creative gift hampers for the brothers. Starting from chocolates to designer rakhis, sweets to customized T-shirts, you name it and they have it. 

People nowadays are more comfortable with purchasing these hampers because they are easy to locate and offer a huge variety. Plus, the entire process of selecting and purchasing the gifts does not consume a lot of time from your routine. All you need to do is select the hamper you like, make your payment and it would reach its destination on the stipulated time.  

Purchase The Hampers From Anywhere 

When you are determined to buy the Rakhi gifts the most annoying thing to visit every possible store in your locality. Bargaining and selecting and gift top the list of annoying things you need to do in order to get the perfect rakhi gift for your brother. So the perfect solution to this problem would be the advent of purchasing your rakhi gift from the comfort of your home.

All these gift hampers have been trending throughout the market because of this major reason that they provide you with the facility of making all your choices without roaming the streets full of stores.  Moreover, all the purchases that you make from an online gift portal are directly shipped on the address of your brother so that you do not have to go out and send the courier from the local courier place anymore. This makes the procedure even more reliable and comfortable. 

Choose From A Wide Range Of Products 

We understand the fact that the taste differs from person to person. So in most the popular online gift portals, you would find thousands of amazing rakhi gifts for your brother. A number of gift hampers would carry products like greeting cards, personalized mugs, cakes, bouquets and rakhis of all sizes and shapes. In order to make the rakhi selection process easier, the range of the various rakhis is also effectively segregated from one another. Therefore, this year without fail, get your brother the most amazing and creative hamper available in the market and make him feel way more special.  

The Latest Trends in Silver Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is celebrated mostly all over India as a mark of affection and bond between brothers and sisters. This auspicious event is held in every household of the country and even Indian siblings living abroad. On this occasion, a sister ties an amulet around her brother’s wrist called “Rakhi” and exchange gifts out of love and affection. 

The token of appreciation is a thoughtful gift and every sister and brother awaits this day eagerly. Rakshabandhan generally falls on a Purnima day. If you think that gifting the same, old traditional designed Rakhis have become really monotonous, here is a comprehensive guide to the latest Rakhi trends to watch out in 2018. This will surely help you to pick out one from the diverse range of rakhis available online. Use this guide to select the best possible rakhi for your brother and even you yourself.

Lumba Rakhi:

Lumba Rakhis are generally designed for the girls. Decorated with traditional latkans, these rakhis are exceptions in themselves. Extremely pretty, these rakhis can be worn by the girls as well. And the best part? These rakhis can be worn even as a wrist-bands or simply as a style statement. So try and grab these very special rakhis for your siblings. They will surely be worth the purchase and will bring a smile to you and your brother’s faces.

Zardosi Rakhi:

This Rakshabandhan, amaze your sibling with these very special Zardosi Rakhis. These rakhis are dazzling and are made from the very special zardosi material which can be an alternative to the traditional Rakhis. So better grab these for an exceptional Rakshabandhan and make it even more special. Zardosi rakhis are unique and are a trend this season.

Pearl Rakhi:

Pearls are a precious thing. And what can be better than to see them adorning your brother’s wrist? Studded with precious pearls these Rakhis have grabbed the cake this Rakshabandhan. So hurry and grab this extraordinary chance and also amaze your sibling with one of these.

Silver Rakhis:

Want class? Want elegance? You want silver Rakhis. A very popular and latest trend in rakhis this season, silver rakhis is a thing. Bringing out ornamental elegance, these rakhis are fast becoming extremely popular. So if you want something exceptional for your sibling, silver rakhis, is the best choice. Grab one before time runs out. You will not be disappointed by our wide range of silver rakhis.

Golden Rakhi:

Adorned with gold, these rakhis are fast becoming extremely popular this season. If you want something different for your brother this Rakshabandhan, try these golden rakhis. They are sure to put a smile on your brother’s face.

Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi:

After your brother’s marriage, your sister-in-law or your “bhabhi” in traditional terms also becomes an important part of the family. This Rakshabandhan, surprise both your brother and your bhabhi with these very special and latest bhaiya-bhabhi rakhis. These are sure to make your bhaiya and even your bhabhi extremely happy.

Bracelet Rakhi:

Exclusive bracelet rakhis were designed for those who love to have rakhis on the wrist for a longer time. These come with automatic attachable clips which will help you to put it easily around your brother’s wrist.

Make this Rakshabandhan a special one by buying special Rakhi gifts 2018. It will surely put a smile on your brother’s face and will definitely make you extremely delighted too. Rakshabandhan will be even more exciting with this exclusive range of rakhis.

Would You Like to Make Rakshabandhan Special with Underprivileged Kids?

Rakshabandhan is the festival of showcasing the most beautiful bond: the bond shared between a brother and sister. It is the celebration of love, affections the promise of protection. This festival, celebrated with zest and joy across the country upholds and uplifts the idea of unconditional love between siblings. There are various stories for the kids to know and the numerous memories for the adults to relive. Rakshabandhan is successful at bringing friends and family together than any other Indian festival. 

However, a large section of society, undeservingly, is unable to celebrate this festival due to their financial or social background. It feels sad how we are unable to share this happiness with people from every stratum. However, we can definitely spread happiness to achieve that state of euphoria. 

The underprivileged kids often cannot celebrate festivals due to several known or unknown reasons. If we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy festivals, it is our responsibility to share this happiness. So, following are some ways you can do so. Surely, give it a try this year!

Spending Quality Time with the Kids

Memories are the best gifts. Visit a nearby NGO or children’s home with your friends and family and spend quality time with the kids. You can play games with them or tell them stories. Spending a few hours of the day with them would definitely brighten up their Rakhi. Telling them your stories and memories of Rakhi as a kid would be a super interesting thing to do. Taking your kids along would further enhance the agenda. You can celebrate Rakhi with numerous gifts. Celebrating Rakhi with chocolates as gifts for the kids is common yet effective to bring a smile to their face.

Organise Games with the Kids

Kids love nothing more than something adventurous and fun to do. Games not only fulfill that objective but are also a great way to build long-lasting relationships. Rakhi is a festival of cherishing relationships and playing games is an easy way to promote it. Easy games like antakshari, dumb charades, musical chair, passing the parcel add an element of fun and frolic in the festival. Winner of the games can be given Rakhi gifts. Celebrating Rakhi with dry fruits is common all over the country and is loved by all and gifting it would not be a bad idea.

Creating Rakhi

Creating Rakhi for each other is a super fun activity to do. It does not require many materials and is relevant to the event. While enjoying the art and craft session, you can connect with the kids and they among themselves. It helps build trust and bonding. The kids can also make it personalized so that they can tie it to their siblings or a loved one. It is a great idea to spread the ideals of the festival and counts as one of the best Rakhi gift ideas.

Theme Based Drawing Competition

Kids can be asked to draw something related to a memory or linked with Rakhi. Theme based drawing competitions are popular and kids love to take part in it. It is amazing to see how they use their creativity. Such competitions are easy to organize and display hidden talents. Kids can be asked to dedicate their artwork to their siblings. 

They can also be asked to speak about their drawings and creations and what memory is it linked to. This trains several of their skills and is a great way for the community to connect with each other. After all, that is what festivals are all about. The best ones can be awarded gifts. Celebrating Rakhi with dry fruits is common among the Indian public and celebrating Rakhi with chocolates is popular and loved by the younger population.

Spreading happiness is a common way to celebrate festivals in India considering how festivals are meant to bring communities and relatives together. Bringing a smile to someone else’s face is a great way to celebrate a festival. Spreading and sharing happiness with the underprivileged yet happiness deserving kids are not only a noble task to do but also remind us of our roots and ideals. Try it this year and you would realize that it is one of the best Rakhi gift ideas (https://www.rakhibazaar.com/rakhi-gift-ideas-174.html) for yourself along with the kids.