Lumba Rakhi - Everything You Need To Know

Go beyond the brother-sister bond this Rakhi and make your sisters and sisters-in-law special. That is what lumba rakhis are designed for. Lumba rakhis are especially meant for sisters-in-law or bhabhis though these days, we see sisters tying lumba rakhis on the wrists of their sisters too.

Not everybody is blessed with a brother and that should not stop them from celebrating the joyous occasion of rakhi. Moreover, in today’s world, a sister can be at par with a brother if not better.

What Is A Lumba Rakhi?

Rakhi is a thread that sister ties onto the wrist of her brother.  In return, the brother promises in a silent vow to take care and protect her all his life.

When this brother gets married, a lumba (meaning bangle in Marwari) is tied on the wrist of the bride or the bhabhi of the sister. In today’s world, even unmarried women tie lumba rakhis on each other’s wrist.

Lumba Rakhi Significance

There are many reasons why tying Lumba Rakhis has become a popular ritual. Though it is a custom that is primarily followed by the people of Rajasthan, now we see this getting popular in other parts of the country as well. The significances of tying Lumba Rakhi are many. Here, we look at some of them.

As per Hindu customs and traditions, no ritual or festival is complete unless a married man has his wife by his side. Therefore, as a sister, when you are celebrating the festival of Rakhi and your brother is married, it would be incomplete, without his wife by this side.

Tying Lumba Rakhi can make your relationship with your bhabhi better. It fosters better relationships among the family, given the fact that many people still prefer to live in joint families. Even if you are not living with your bhabhi or your Bhaiya and bhabhi is living elsewhere, there is no harm in telling your sister-in-law, that she is special. Your brother would also feel good about it.

When you are tying a Lumba Rakhi on the wrist of your sister-in-law, you are secretly wishing her a happy and secured married life, and this is directly connected to your brother. Getting a Lumba Rakhi from you would make your sister-in-law special and would make her feel like a part of the new family. In addition, this is crucial as far as happiness in marriage is concerned.

If you do not have a brother, and you have sister or a friend who is family to you, you can tie Lumba Rakhis on their wrists as well. It would strengthen your bond and give you both a chance to celebrate this auspicious day.

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