Rakhi to London – Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2016 with Fervour and Joy!

Raksha Bandhan is the most favourable day for siblings living in India and outside India. One’s love for ones siblings are displayed everyday but Raksha Bandhan is a special day exclusively made for siblings to show their love and affection for each other. On this upcoming festival what you can do for your dear siblings living in London is make him feel special and loved by sending him the most suitable Rakhi.

You can Send Rakhi to London in an effortless way by making use of the prompt delivery service therein. I’m sure your siblings over there are missing you so much why not send the best type of Rakhi and make your presence felt. There are ample collections of Rakhi available at Rakhibazaar through which you can make your pick.
Make your celebration worthwhile and memorable by sending the best Rakhi for your siblings living in London. No other love can be purer than the love shared by siblings. Here are some suggestions that can be utilised by you while buying Rakhi for your siblings in London:

Tender Mauli Rakhi

As Raksha Bandhan is round the corner everyone is excitedly preparing for the right moment to arrive so that they can let go of this anticipation in the most joyous manner. Mauli Rakhi is a very special type of Rakhi that is used often on this occasion. This Rakhi is very beautiful and popular too. You can make your sibling jubilant with this inviting piece of Rakhi on this day. Mauli Rakhi will be a gentle way to express your love for them.

Beautiful Zardosi Rakhi
Among others, this Rakhi is one that stands out from the rest when it comes to appearance. It is very attractive and glamorous. Rakhi that is attached with this lovely looking zari is quiet popular among the sender. This Rakhi is used for a long time yet the popularity has not gone till today. It will be a great idea to send this Rakhi to your bro living in London as a token of love and affection. Your bro will be humbled receiving such a lovely Rakhi.

Splendid Swastika Rakhi

Since ages this Rakhi has been widely used for it has attached to Hindu mythology. Swastika is viewed as a symbol of luck and fortune therefore, people use swastika to wish good luck and good fortune. So, on the upcoming festival you can send this beautiful and meaningful Rakhi and make him feel protected and blessed.

Adorable Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi needs no further introduction, it is already popular. You can convey your warmest greetings and love to your brother through this adorable Lumba Rakhi. I’m sure your brother in London would be happy having them.

Theistic Divine Rakhi

This Rakhi is very precious and has lot of significances and the name ‘divine’ itself speaks volume about this Rakhi. For your religious and theistic brother sending divine Rakhi will be an exceptional idea. I’m sure he will have the feeling of being looked after and protected wearing this Rakhi.

For making the celebration more complete and enthusiastic, you can also check out other varieties of Rakhi such as bracelet Rakhi, handcrafted Rakhi, diamond Rakhi, silver Rakhi, golden Rakhi, etc. you can also send for your sibling Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with cake, etc for your dear sibling in India.

Make your exploration more fun and wider by visiting www.rakhibazaar.com. This is an online directory that provides wide collection of Rakhi for the upcoming carnival.


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