Easy and Simple Handmade Rakhi: Resham Dhaga & Mauli Rakhi

Rakhi thread is the physical symbol of the sentiments involved with Rakhi Purnima festival. The sentiments of love, care and affection are truly depicted by the knot of rakhi. What can be a better expression of sisterly affection than a self made rakhi thread! Handmade rakhi always make a special Rakhi gifts to brothers.

This blog would guide you how to make beautiful Reham Dhaga rakhi and Mouli Rakhi as well. Rakhi is usually a smooth silk thread, decorated with various materials and motifs.
Here are a few tips to make your own rakhi at home.

1. Material required for making Resham Dhaga Rakhi

- Silk threads (Resham Dhaga) multi-coloured or single coloured
- Cotton ball
- Beads, stars and sequins
- Scissors
- Fevicol or Glue

Hold a bunch of silk threads, for making multicolored rakhi use different colours of resham dhaga. Red and yellow are regarded as auspicious colors in Hindu culture. You can also use a strand or two of golden or silver thread for making shining Resham dhaga rakhi threads.

The Resham Dhaga should be around 30" long in length. Fold the bunch of thread into half and tie a tight knot at one fourth of the length using the cotton thread. Cut the loops of the folded Resham Dhaga and fluff the open ends using a hard brush.

Divide the longer part of the Resham Dhaga into two equal halves. Make a braid in a desired way. Tie the dhaga ends with the cotton thread and fluff again the open ends. These strands will be used for the tying knot again. Decorate the upper portion with sequins, star and beads or any religious motifs by sticking them with the help of glue. Your hand made Resham dhaga rakhi is ready.

Mouli Rakhi

These rakhis are traditional as well as in vogue. Rakhi made of kalava or mauli (sacred thread tied on wrist during religious occasions). These rakhi can be easily made at home and most suitable for those who like to wear the rakhi tied for a longer time. In some communities, rakhi thread is removed after 3 days or in Dussehra festival which falls in Autumn.

Material required for making Mouli Rakhi

- Mouli or Kalava
- Cotton Thread
- Religious Symbol/ Rudraksha
- Tulsi/ Sandalwood Beads or Tiny Shells
- Scissors
- Glue

Take a long thread and fold it in two equal halves. Braid the thread in the desired style. Tie the cotton thread and leave some space at the ends. Remove loops from both ends. Stick the religious motifs or rudraksh in the middle and tie a knot to secure these decorative materials. For a fancy Mauli rakhi, decorate the rest of the rakhi thread with beads and sequin. Stick them with the help of glue on the braided thread.

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