Connect With Your Loved Ones This Rakhi through Rakhi Bazaar

Rakhi is the most awaited festival of my life. I have so many memories attached to it. The rakhi festival takes me down the lane of memories and makes me completely nostalgic. I can still visualise my little sister Raina, running around the house in her new lehenga and two pony tails on the day of Rakhi. Like me, she also waited for this day eagerly.

She knew that on this day she will be pampered to the core. After a complete year of pony pulling and teasing, this used to be the day when she used to make me do everything she wanted. Although I used to act as if I was very irritated but to be honest, I used to enjoy every bit of her tantrums. I used to fulfil all her small demands like getting ice cream, a small toy and so on from my pocket money and the also a ride on my bicycle. On other days, I never allowed her to come near my bicycle, the valuable possession of yester years.

As we grew up, definitely the tantrums were not there, but the love was there and is still today. The way of celebrating the festival changed with time but what remained was the strong and unique bond which we shared from our childhood days. Now I do not have to rely on my little amount of pocket money for her little gifts. I can now take her wherever she wants, buy her whatever she demands but really cannot bring those years of togetherness. We are now very far from each other. Raina stays at Kolkata after her marriage and I am here in USA for my job for the last three years.

The distance makes us helpless but cannot take away the strong bond that we share. To celebrate this occasion both of us never miss any opportunity and this was made possible by Rakhibazaar. This online rakhi delivery service made it possible for my sister to send Rakhi with greeting card to me in USA with all her emotions jotted down. In similar fashion, I also select gifts from the various gift items available with online shopping portals.

Last year I also tried Rakhi Bazaar. It provides a wide range of gift items from chocolates to photo frame; from teddy bears to stylish accessories. The list is never ending. I send the rakhi gifts to Kolkata (, to her place and can visualise the happiness on her face when she opens the gift. The same smile for which I was ready to sacrifice all my pocket money on the day of rakhi during our childhood days. I just wish, if I could bring those days back. I know I cannot really do so but can surely make my sister feel that I am with her always on this special day of rakhi.

Like last year, this year also I will send rakhi gifts 2015 to my sister through Rakhibazaar. Their service is really praise worthy as they take personal care to make your gift reach your most loving sister on the day of the festival. They help to bring smile on my sister’s face and that is priceless for me.


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