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I’ve never been a fan of the online shopping spree that has become so popular in recent years. With the introduction of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, online shopping can be conducted at almost any time of the day, no matter what the location is. In spite of its many advantages, I have always carried a disdain for online shopping. I just find the old-fashioned method of going to a real shop more appealing. But in this blog I will reveal to you about the one occasion when an online transaction actually made me the most thankful person ever.

My brother left India for the USA several years ago. He had got through at a leading university. After doing very well in his academic life, he decided not to return to India, instead opting for a job that paid really well in the USA. Ever since my brother left India, the family home has felt very empty. It is especially on the day of the numerous occasions that I seem to miss him incredibly.

Belonging to a somewhat liberal Hindu family, our parents never forced us to participate in many of the festivals. But one particular exception for both my brother and me was the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This festival, approached more casually than any other Hindu festival, used to put us in the limelight, and we would not just feel loved by our family and relatives, but also feel loved by each other. The tradition of tying the sacred Rakhi around my brother’s wrist never seemed to get old, and the ensuing celebrations would keep us occupied and entertained throughout the day.

But my brother’s move to USA made Raksha Bandhan celebrations a thing of the distant past. We do communicate with each other on the auspicious day each year, but gone are the fervent festivities and celebrations. They have been replaced with customary phone calls, and sometimes a little bit of video chatting.

I really wanted to send Rakhi to USA (www.rakhibazaar.com/rakhi-to-usa-24.html) for a long time, but just couldn’t figure out how to Send Rakhi Online. There were a host of sites which I knew I could use to send gifts across to the United States, but being the old-school person I am, I wanted to send a Rakhi.

After a lot of searching on the internet, I discovered Rakhibazaar, a website that specializes in Rakhi gifts and accessories, and truth be told, for the first time in my life, I was thankful to online shopping. To  Send Rakhi Online with the help of www.rakhibazaar.com  has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions of my life in recent years, and it has worked wonderfully well to restore the great bond that my brother and I shared.

He was very pleased to have received all his Rakhis and gifts on the day of Raksha Bandhan, and he told me how neatly everything was packaged. The prompt service and choice of gifts convinced me that whenever I have to send Rakhi to USA in the future, I will trust only Rakhibazaar. 

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