Love Has Many Names and Family is One of Those

Surabhi, my daughter got married to Shrinjan this April. I am yet to swallow the pain of having to part with my youngest daughter. Namrata, my older daughter moved to Las Vegas with Shyamthe year they got married; that is in 2010. And my only son, Agam is posted in Noida, where he is working as a senior software engineer. Surabhi was the only one left to look forward to and now life has reduced to me and my husband, Anand.All that I do these days iscomplete my daily chores pretty early and wait for my darling children to call me up.

My son is the youngest of the lot; hence there is nothing my daughters would not do when it comes to him. When Agam was born,I fell terribly ill. I can never be thankful enough to my daughters for looking after him while I could not. Since then, I have noticed an indomitable bond between them. What else pleases a mother but an unshakeable bond between her offsprings?

Last year when Surabhi  was yet not married, we planned the rakhi together inviting Namrata and Shyam from Las Vegas and Agam from Noida. To honour my request, Shyam managed a few days offhis busy schedule and Namrata flew to Kolkata. Agam too managed a week off and came rushing to home. I celebrated rakhi like never before. With the help of my adorable daughters, I cooked many dishes and completed the pooja rituals in time.

Duly each of the daughters tied rakhi on their brother’s hand and eagerly poked him for gifts. Surabhi even tied a rakhi on her brother-in-law’s wrist. The festival ended with Anand taking us all on a long drive towards North Kolkata in his car. It goes without saying I was head over heels in joy, having to spend such quality time with my family.

This year I have invited them all again but I was quite sure Namrata, Shyam and Agam will not be able to make it this time. Surabhi is coming over next week with Shrinjan. I have a plan that I am going to finalize with my daughter as she comes over. Surabhi and I would together find a good gift along with rakhi from Rakhibazaar and send rakhi to Patna. I will tip off Namrata to do the same and send rakhi to Shrinjan here in Kolkata too.

I want to send rakhi to Patna via because I know Agam will be quite thrilled with the quality of products. He has recently been into online shopping and parcels interest him very much. I am also sure Namrata will send rakhi to Kolkata to gift his brother-in-law. As Shyam will be in Kolkata during Rakhi, I asked Namrata to send it here. I am pretty sure Shyam will like this welcoming gesture. I am hoping things will go just fine, not that I need to worry since Rakhibazaar is a very reliable and responsible website.


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