Kins Are Kins - Thank Them for Being There with

Anjan got transferred to USA and so I had to leave my loving in-laws back in Mumbai and flew all the way to this new place. USA is very advanced and a nice place to be, if you do not have to leave your family back. As Anjan leaves for office I feel really bored and start to miss my family; thinking now and then about them and I go deep in my memories from India.

I have never known a real family since my parents died when I was young. I was brought up in a boarding school and I struggled my way to an engineering college where I met Anjan. Since then he introduced me to his family and I am proud to say my life changed for better. I found heaven on Earth! My mother-in-law always treated me just like her daughter. Shalini i.e. my sister in law and my father-in-law always made sure Anjan was there for me whenever I needed someone. Shalini is 10 years younger to me yet I have never met such a matured and sensible person in my life. So it is hard not to miss such an adorable family right?

My mother-in-law called me up few days back to remind me that rakhi is approaching and that we should celebrate it over internet. On asking her how, she explained everything that is to be done. She informed me of Rakhibazaar and told me to be home in case any parcel arrives during the time of the festival. Shalini has planned to send rakhi to USA for Anjan and I was expected to keep mum about it. I was amazed to find that Rakhi Bazaar is such a useful site that stores varieties of rakhis and gifts. I had no idea such a site was in operation and that people somewhere spare thoughts to prepare rakhis and gifts to sell those over internet.

But how do I plan a surprise return gift without telling my partner, right? So I was maintaining two worlds!I told Anjan about that site with an idea thatwe should send something back to Mumbai to our family as a return gift too. Anjan wisely chose a rakhi with Pooja thali ( Ma since sheloves to pray. Shalini is all excited and told me she wants to send rakhi to USA and that I should not tell Anjan about this.

Somehow Ma got a whiff that some rakhi with pooja thali will be approaching her way. I am thinking may be Shalini spilled the beans. I will get back to her regarding this later though. But all is well planned. I even chose a big box of assorted chocolates for Shalini and a box of dry fruits and nuts for Baba. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that all goes well and rakhi approaches pretty soon. I just cannot wait any longer for it, lest all the surprises gets exposed!


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