Do Not Just Miss Your Dear and Near Ones - Bring Them Close with

Few days back, while coming from office I suddenly realized that the shops are loaded with beautiful rakhis. The very moment took me back to the days of childhood.Rakhi used to be very auspicious celebration in our house. We used to wait for that day as all my uncles and aunties used to come to our house for the ceremony. My mom used to cook variety of sweets and all those things which my uncles used to like.We used to have puja and then the rakhi tying ceremony. The next episode was the most important one for me as I used to wait for the Rakhi gift from my brother.

Yes, my little brother.I miss him like anything. He is so far away. I know he has gone for good to Germany. But, such occasions make us nostalgic and we cannot help it. I remember how he used to fight with me about the kind of Rakhi –it had to be of his choice. If he didn’t like the design, he used to cry out loud. He used get more irritated as I used to make fun of him and he refused to give me my gift. Those days will never come back.But as I know his choice, I can definitely send him a Rudraksha rakhi (, which is his favourite.

One of my colleagues told me about Rakhi delivery online to any part of the world through Rakhibazaar. I was not very sure about their service. But when I enquired about it, I was impressed and I decided to avail the service and surprise my little brother.For the last three years, I have been sending rakhi to Germany. I know my brother also misses me and his country equally. This year, I selected the Rudraksha rakhi from the wide range of rakhi collection as I wanted my brother to recollect his childhood days. Moreover this kind of rakhi adds more auspiciousness to the occasion.

The best part of the service this year was that the rakhi was delivered exactly on the day of rakhshabandhan.My brother could not believe his eyes and I could easily imagine how happy he was.He called me up to say something but was not able, as his voice was choked with emotion. Rakhibazaar has given me the opportunity to stay connected to my brother.

After that sweet memorable experience, I have made it a point to send rakhi to Germany every year along with some gift hampers. Rakhibazaar offers you a varied range gift items and that too within your budget, along with varied rakhi options. The process of shipping is also very simple and hassle free. They give you exact details and you can even track the delivery of items ordered. To bring happiness on my brother’s face is what gives me satisfaction.


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